Songs for Mrs Beautiful

Recorded and produced by Rob Waite

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An outstanding vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Rosa Rebecka’s songwriting mixes narrative storytelling with a playful lyricism and sublime musicality. With tracks ranging from the haunting, pared-down a capella of Till Österland vill jag fara to the rich, uplifting choral arrangement of Not A Lullaby, Songs For Mrs. Beautiful showcases her vocal talents against a broad musical backdrop.

The album’s title track, Mrs. Beautiful’s Guitar, tells the tale of Rosa’s guitar-playing great-grandmother Katrina (whose surname, Fhager, is an old-fashioned Swedish word for beautiful). She died tragically young leaving behind a devastated family, but also a precious heirloom. She left her guitar to her daughter, Rosa’s late grandmother Judith, whose voice is one of four generations of Katrina’s descendents contributing to this remarkable and moving piece of music.

The guitar, now a century old, has been passed from mother to daughter ever since. “I may have this guitar to thank for my existence” says Rosa. “When my parents met, it was my mother’s singing and guitar playing that left a lasting impression on my father.”

Some of the musicians who have contributed to the album may be familiar, such as folk music champion Paul Wilson and multiple BBC folk award winner Jackie Oates, but the lesser-known ones are just as likely to impress. The credits list many of the exceptional musicians who keep the Devon acoustic scene so vibrant and inspiring, with guest vocals from Tobias Jacob, glorious fiddle parts by Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll, guitar playing from the award-winning Michael Watts, double bass by Rowan Massey, and Swedish Nyckelharpa played by Griselda Sanderson.

  1. Heartful of Seaweed
  2. Giftasvisan
  3. Unbearably Grateful
  4. Can Vei La Lauzeta Mover
  5. Mrs. Beautiful's Guitar
  6. In Praise of Grey
  7. Night Song
  8. Simple Sadness
  9. Bluebells
  10. Till Österland vill jag fara
  11. Treasures
  12. Not A Lullaby

“Beautifully penned songs, deceptively weave themselves into one’s heart and soul ... When it comes to beauty and grace Ms Rosa Rebecka has that market cornered, well and truly”

Americana UK

“Haunting, atmospheric tales, imbued with a poetic and playful lyricism ... Rosa’s beautiful voice is the perfect compliment to the music ... And what songs …”

Music Maker

“Devastatingly haunting, the moods are ever-changing. It's a thought-provoking and emotional journey.”